Setting up Fleksy on Android

by John Griffin


Go to the Google Play Store and Install Fleksy to your device. Once you have installed Fleksy, open the Fleksy app. The app will guide you through the steps listed below.

Activate Fleksy

  1. Select “Fleksy” as your default keyboard in the list
  2. Click “OK” on the warning message that says “Attention - This input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers. It comes from the app Fleksy. Use this input method?”

Note: This is a system warning shown by default for all keyboard apps - under no circumstances do we collect any of this data. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Configure Fleksy

  1. Choose Fleksy in the list
  2. You will see a warning message that says “Allow Fleksy to access photos, media, and files on your device?” Tap “Allow”
    1. Note: we use this permission to share content from the Fleksy keyboard and create custom themes.
  3. You will see a warning message that says “Allow fleksy to access your contacts?” Tap “Allow”
    1. Note: we use this permission to improve autocorrection with names from your contacts list

Start using Fleksy!



  • No van los gestos

  • This is the worst tutorial I have ever seen.

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