How do I back up my data on Fleksy (Android)?

by John Griffin

If you change phones or reinstall Fleksy, you can keep using your customised Fleksy. But first, you need to back up your settings on Fleksy Android.

--> PLEASE NOTE: No old data is recoverable. ALL FLEKSY DATA you had on a phone before version 9.1.0 will not back up, since older versions of Fleksy don't have any backup capabilities

How to back up my settings on Fleksy?

1. ENABLE AUTO-BACKUP under the Android phone Settings / Backup & Reset / Enable backup (also called Back up my data)

2. Check if there is a BACKUP ACCOUNT (with your email) under Android Settings. (You must use the same account/email when restoring)

3. ENABLE AUTO-RESTORE under Settings (if you have not done it during the first installation on this device), linked to the same google account

Requirements (please read):

- you must have 9.1.0 or newer installed on your phone

- a successful backup must have been carried out. Backups fire when these conditions are met:

- on your Google drive, confirm the backup has been carried out before uninstalling Fleksy!

- make sure you have internet connection

- On the new phoneanswer YES when Android asks if you want to restore data and apps from your Google account

What can I back up?

* User’s dictionary
* Active theme

* Purchased themes

* Badges/Achievements

* Shortcuts

* General settings


- this sync is available from 21st December 2017. If you changed phones or reinstalled Fleksy before 21st December 2017 (or before Fleksy version 9.1.0) you must back up your data and settings in order to access it in the future.  If you do not back up your data it will be lost if you uninstall Fleksy or change phones.

- this solution is a backup-restore solution, and not an active sync between devices! We're now focusing on this. :)

- this restore is not available if you migrate platforms (from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS)


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