[Tutorial] How to write with Fleksy gestures?

by Fleksy Team

Typing with Fleksy is fun and fast! Fleksy has many features including some unique gestures to help you perform common actions more quickly, such as spacing, backspacing and more.


➡️ Swipe right for space.


⬅️Swipe left to delete words or backspace


⬆️ Swipe up to undo a correction, swipe up again to add the word to your dictionary (learn) or remove (forget) the original word from the dictionary.


⬇️ Swipe down to change the word or punctuation suggestion. Swipe right or tap space to enter it.  

Note: Add punctuation by spacing twice 

Extra: Tap and hold the Enter key to access the emojis. Alternatively, you can also tap and hold the Magic Button (the button left of the spacebar) to access emojis.


Minimal layout (more information about the Minimal layout here):

⬇️⬇️ Two fingers swipe down for the Minimal layout (hides the spacebar row).

⬆️⬆️ Two fingers swipe up to go back.

⬆️ To send or enter, swipe up from backspace key.

➡️ To access numbers & symbols, swipe right from shift key.

⬅️ To access emojis or exit numbers & symbols, swipe left from backspace key.

⬆️ To active Voice-to-text, swipe up from shift key

↙️↘️ To change languages long-press anywhere on your keyboard and slide your finger to the bottom right or left corner of the keyboard.



  • there is no option to type words through gesture of that feature is available it's the best keypad I have ever seen... is that possible?

  • Hi Sushil, we will have swipe typing available soon!!

  • Hi, great app. Is there a gesture for enter key in the minimal layout?

  • Hi Kristhian, swipe up from the backspace key to enter when in minimal mode. 👍

  • ↙️↘️ To change languages long-press anywhere on your keyboard and slide your finger to the bottom right or left corner of the keyboard.
    This doesn't work for me 😟🧐

  • Been using this keyboard for a long time but I keep going back to Google's keyboard because of the swipe gestures which is easier to type with one hand. If Fleksy could have swipe gesture typing with an option for the whole word backspace gesture by swiping left on the backspace key. It will definitely be the best keyboard on the play store in my books!

  • First of all, thank you for the best keyboard of all times!
    Regarding language switching. How to switch layout in minimal mode (which is the best paper of Fleksy) if I disable "long press for symbols and numbers"?

  • *best part of Fleksy*

  • Thank you Oleg! Unfortunately, there is not a way to switch languages in minimal mode if you have "long press for symbols and numbers" disabled... Sorry about that!

  • Hi يوسف البنا, thanks for reaching out! Do you happen to have "long press for symbols and numbers" disabled? Or are you on iOS?

  • Hey John, is the corner gesture to switch languages in Minimal Mode supposed to work in iOS?

  • Hi Carlos, no this is not an available feature in iOS at this time.

  • First of all, let me just say that Fleksy's gestures and minimal mode are amazing, and it's now my main keyboard on the phone ^^

    However... I can't seem to access emojis in minimal mode. I swiped right from the shift key, which gave me access to the symbols, but there's no option there that shows me an emoji menu with the symbols. (I am using an LG 4K LTE phone with android, if that helps...)

  • My keyboard us going crazy! I can't swipe back to erase anymore and the letters are not showing up right! It took about 8 min to type this!

  • Hi Bridget, were you able to figure out the issue? There have been a lot of updates since this was reported. For quicker assistance please always send an email to support@fleksy.com. Thank you!

  • Hi, you said swipe typing will be available soon on May 24, 2019, almost a year passed and it's still not there, when will you add it?

  • John it has gotten better but it still gets random emojis occasionally. It's loads better but still a few issues.

  • 👍

  • Amazing keyboard. I loved it. However,
    - its kind of hard if you need to be switching between letters symbols and numbers, even with the extensions an so,
    - how is suposed to work the words prediction??? Especially in spanish. It ll be great if you improve the words learning system. Sometimes the word its already learned, and the keyboard doesnt remember it til i hit space
    - the same with emojis, it sometimes show me some of them, but totally unrelated with the words im writing
    There are a few others great keyboards app, not so beautiful, no that genious and awsome, but with a much better workflow
    Great app, keep working on it, my preferred one, but till a bit messy

  • No translator & No gesture support till now!
    Can you do this please?

  • Hello! Is there any quick option on the keyboard to switch from Fleksy to a different keyboard?

  • Will we ever be able to bring over our bitmojis?

  • No puedo acceder a colocar la fila de números encima, ¿Hay algún error? sigo los pasos perfectamente y siempre lo he usado. Ahora ya no funciona.

  • Is the option to use legacy layout gone? 😢

  • How do I put number row? 🤔

  • auto correction sucks
    dictionary words not working properly

  • Hey, i can't access Spotify fleksyapp. How to add it?? Please share.

  • Ho guardato 48 annunci per avere il tema geometry Fleksy che cambia colore automaticamente... Se lo clicco mi fa vedere l'anteprima ma se poi vado su whatsapp per scrivere un messaggio nn vedo la tastiera che cambia colore, e bianca

  • ok

  • Please add punjabi and hindi language

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