[Tutorial] How to write with Fleksy gestures?

by John Griffin

Typing with Fleksy is fun and fast! Fleksy has many features including some unique gestures to help you perform common actions more quickly, such as spacing, backspacing and more.


➡️ Swipe right for space.


⬅️Swipe left to delete words or backspace


⬆️ Swipe up to undo a correction, swipe up again to add the word to your dictionary (learn) or remove (forget) the original word from the dictionary.


⬇️ Swipe down to change the word or punctuation suggestion. Swipe right or tap space to enter it.  

Note: Add punctuation by spacing twice â©

Extra: Tap and hold the Enter key to access the emojis. Alternatively, you can also tap and hold the Magic Button (the button left of the spacebar) to access emojis.


Minimal layout (more information about the Minimal layout here):

⬇️⬇️ Two fingers swipe down for the Minimal layout (hides the spacebar row).

⬆️⬆️ Two fingers swipe up to go back.

⬆️ To send or enter, swipe up from backspace key.

➡️ To access numbers & symbols, swipe right from shift key.

⬅️ To access emojis or exit numbers & symbols, swipe left from backspace key.

⬆️ To active Voice-to-text, swipe up from shift key

↙️↘️ To change languages long-press anywhere on your keyboard and slide your finger to the bottom right or left corner of the keyboard.



  • I am big fan of Fleksy. Following option not working in my phone.
    ⬇️⬇️ Two fingers swipe down for the Minimal layout (hides the spacebar row). Please help.

  • This app is good but i have two phone and I'm using my name. My first phone all unlock. But my 2nd phone like new user. I've restore purchases but nothing, it looks like no function. This can't use two device?

    My 2nd phone problem is can't two fingers swipe down for the Minimal layout (hides the spacebar row) and Two fingers swipe up to go back.

  • Hi,
    Your keyboard is fabulous but I had to stop using it as I could not figure out how to "Swipe type".
    Then I read the following:
    John Griffin wrote on May 24, 2019, Hi Sushil, we will have swipe typing available soon!!
    So, Is "Swipe typing" available now?

  • I'm trying to add a number row but not to sure what it means when it says swipe up from the top row? Any pointers? cheers

  • swiping right to space in minimal mode more often types two letters than a space, what the heck is up with that? you dont have gesture typing, this shouldn't even be a problem

  • Hii how to add indian languages?

  • i. guess no one responds anymore on here
    .. shame becauze this app has such awesome potential but i needs me my swipe typing. ovet 2 years ago it was "coming soon" so whats the happs??

  • how can I change email in the fast tap email option on above of the keyboard.

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