How to control Fleksy with gestures - minimal layout

by John Griffin

Fleksy is all about gestures! You can control everything you need with gestures and hide the control keys completely:

Two finger flick down to hide the spacebar row.

  • **Swipe Right** to Space

  • **Swipe Left** to Delete
  • **Tap Shift** to capitalize, or **Double tap Shift** for Caps Lock

  • **Swipe Up from Shift** for Voice-to-Text
  • **Swipe Up from Backspace** to Enter, Send, Go or Search
  • **Swipe Left from Backspace** to bring up the Emojis keyboard

  • **Swipe Right from Shift** for Numbers, tap the secondary symbols button on the lower left corner for more symbols

  • To Change Language: In Settings>Advanced, make sure you have checked "long press for numbers and symbols". Then, long press anywhere on the keyboard and a little globe icon appears on the bottom. **Slide your finger to the globe icon and the language will be switched.**

In this layout you can only **type inside the keyboard borders**.

You can remove the Backspace from the third row by enabling the Legacy Layout from Menu > Settings > Advanced. When you use autocorrect you can also disable Swipe Left to Delete words and swap Enter/Delete buttons.


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  • there is no option to type words through gesture of that feature is available it's the best keypad I have ever seen... is that possible?

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