How do I sync my Fleksy between devices?

by Fleksy Team

Fleksy will sync themes, dictionary, extensions and purchases between devices on the same platform: Android-Android or iOS-iOS. 

In order to save battery, this sync is performed once a day. 

Syncing Fleksy across devices is very easy! 

  1. Open the Fleksy app
  2. Menu > Select Login at the top
  3. Login with your Google email and password
  4. Repeat on all your devices

N.B. If the last time you used Fleksy was before June 2017, your data will not be restored. Prior to June 2017, the former Fleksy team decided to shut it down to save expenses and all  data was deleted.


  • Doens't really work for me :( just got the Pixel 5, logged in with my google account but it won't sync the dictionary from my Pixel 3 XL

  • I also cannot get my themes or coins onto my new device. Made sure they're logged into the same account, and bothe have been repeatedly synced. Not sure what else to try

  • My coins and themes are not synced to my new device. Please help.

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