Why are some emojis missing?

by Fleksy Team

You will only see emojis that are available in the specific Android version you have.

You may see more emojis on certain chatting apps, this is because the app supports these emojis, not your phone. Since we don’t know if the app you are typing in supports them, we filter and only show the emojis that we know your system supports and will display properly.



  • Although each app supports more or less emojis, it's true that there is a bug inside Fleksy. Some emojis shown in other keyboards are missing in Fleksy or are shown wrong inside Fleksy. For example, one of the "sad face" emojis is not displayed well.

  • Mine were there and now aren't . They're not app specific, the ones I am looking for I have used many times and they're just gone now.

  • I have the updated version, and my phone is updated, but all of the new emojis aren't there, and they're there on samsung keyboard; I really don't wanna have to switch keyboards to use an emoji

  • I'm Italian, and the fact that Fleksy doesn't have 🀌 emoji while Samsung's keyboard does is more than a little disappointing.

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