Using Fleksy as your default keyboard

by John Griffin

Switch to Fleksy

When you have the iOS stock keyboard up, tap and hold the Globe button to switch to Fleksy. That's it!

Switch to the next keyboard

Tap the Globe button on the Fleksy Keyboard to go to the next system keyboard.

Can I use Fleksy everywhere on my device?

You can set Fleksy as your default keyboard and use it system-wide, however there are a few instances where your device will temporarily replace Fleksy with the standard system keyboard. This is done for your security, to ensure that none of your secure data can be accessed by custom keyboards. Once you tap outside of these specific text fields, Fleksy keyboard will automatically resume.

Fleksy and other custom keyboards are not eligible to type into the following areas:
  • Secure input fields, such as password fields, where typed characters are presented as dots.
  • Phone pad fields, such as the phone number fields in Contacts. 
  • Text fields in third-party apps that have specifically rejected the use of all custom keyboards. This decision is up to the individual developers.


  • Hi, my keyboard is not in usual place when I’m in messages...hellllllp

  • Next to the word fleksy on the space bar is a "key" showing a ., - a period and a comma. Pressing it does NOTHING. What is it for?

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