What are Suggestions and Predictions on Fleksy?

by Fleksy Team

Suggestions are auto-correct suggestions: when you type a word and press space, Fleksy will suggest a corrected word.

Predictions are as-you-type predictions of the current word (example: you type "ni" and you get the prediction "night")

Fleksynext Predictions are context based and guess what word you will type next. (Example: you type "Hi" and you get the Fleksynext prediction "How" then "are" then "you?"


  • 等了好几年了。什么时候可以有中文呢????

  • Hi, something is so annoying, whenever I would go back to a word elsewhere and press space, the space will double and the cursor will jump to the next word and soon as I type I would end up messing the words. I tried turning off all settings but it keeps happening!

  • Cuando escribo y doy enter me sugiere palabras, como utilizo algunas de las sugerencias que me da el teclado.. En el teclado de google puedo utilizar las sugerencias dando clic sobre una palabra sugerida.

  • How about two different next word suggestions or prediction when you type por like pork or port or portal or porch. Not por n or at least the ability to ban specific words from being predicted?

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