How do I download and change languages?

by John Griffin

With Fleksy, you can download as many languages as you like. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Tap open-three-dots.png on the keyboard to launch the quick access bar
  2. Tap control_button_fleksyapp_settings.png to access settings
  3. Tap the languages menu and select the language that you wish to download
  4. To switch between languages on your keyboard, simply swipe right or left on your space bar


In Minimal mode:

↙️↘️ To change languages long-press anywhere on your keyboard and slide your finger to the bottom right or left corner of the keyboard.

Note: Multilingual typing is not available just yet.


If you are unable to download a language, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you have set your device's date and time settings to automatic
    2. Disable any ad-blocking or firewall apps that may limit your connectivity
    3. Open the Fleksy app and go to Languages
    4. Tap refresh.



1 comment
  • I am afraid that as many tries I have done to swipe from Greek to English or the opposite, no job done!

    What mistake have i to correct?

    Thanks in advance

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