What are fleksycoins?

by John Griffin

Fleksycoins are a way to earn coins just by using your Fleksy keyboard. They can then be exchanged for themes, when the amount collected is sufficient.

How can I earn fleksycoins?

- inviting a friend to use Fleksy

- sharing your love for Fleksy on social media

- *adding words to your dictionary

- *downloading a new language

- *earning badges

- *answering surveys

How can I spend fleksycoins?

You can get any #FleksyTheme for free when you have enough fleksycoins.

How do I know how many fleksycoins I have?

Simply open the Fleksy app and you'll see it on top of the Themes section.

I have a problem with my Fleksyapps. How do I contact Fleksy?

Simply email support@fleksy.com

I have an idea for a fleksycoin.

Great! Send us your ideas!

PS: A fleksycoin is not a crypto currency mining scheme and is only used inside Fleksy to earn coins (similar to points) and exchange them for fun stuff inside the Fleksy keyboard.

*Coming soon!

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