What to know about Fleksycoins

by John Griffin

Fleksycoins are a way to earn points just by using your Fleksy keyboard. They can then be exchanged for themes when the amount collected is sufficient.

How can I earn Fleksycoins? 

- Inviting a friend to use Fleksy

- Sharing your love for Fleksy on social media

- Adding words to your dictionary

- Earning badges

- Answering surveys

How can I spend Fleksycoins?

You can get any #FleksyTheme for free when you have enough Fleksycoins.

How do I know how many Fleksycoins I have?

Simply open the Fleksy app and you'll see it next to each theme pack denoted by “#fc”.

Note: A Fleksycoin is not a cryptocurrency mining scheme and is only used inside Fleksy to earn coins (similar to points) and exchange them for fun stuff inside the Fleksy keyboard.

Recover lost Fleksycoins

If you lose your Fleksycoins, please reach out to us at support@fleksy.com for assistance.




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  • I would like to earn cooler things for coins, other than that love the app.

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