How do I restore a purchase made before July 2017?

by John Griffin

If you bought themes or extension slots with an older version of Fleksy, you will notice that you can't restore your old purchases. 

The team at Fleksy at some point decided not to charge for the app and we fully support that - it will continue to be free, with in-app purchases for a customised experience.

As you know, Thingthing has taken over development of Fleksy in July 2017, and our position is that we want our users to have the best experience possible, and for that we need to focus our small team's development time in building a great product for you. Here are a couple reasons why we took this decision:

- it’s technically time spent not developing the product, but managing previous sales

- we want the best for the future and NOT to shut down the product, therefore - we need our users' support and understanding

We want to be transparent and work with you, gathering feedback and improving the services and products Fleksy offers.

And rest assured that from iOS version 8.3 and Android 8.4.0, we're committed to supporting all our users. For Fleksy Android version 9.1.0 +, you can back up your data.


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