I won Fleksy themes in the past and now I'm being charged for them

by John Griffin

First of all, thank you for your loyalty. We do appreciate and respect users that have been with Fleksy for so long. Our team, previously in charge of Thingthing, is deeply touched for this loyalty.

We understand you want your themes for free and we would feel the same as you.

In order to make themes free for you again, we would have to issue codes from Google Play. Google Play has a very restrictive way to issue promo codes which adds a technical blocker we did not foresee. 

This said, we’re working on a technical way to activate free themes remotely, but it will take several weeks. Please also understand that our team is still very small. Therefore, as of today we cannot offer any ETA.

Please stay with us and know that we’re working hard to develop an even better keyboard that you have experienced until today.

Happy typing!

PS: Please note that we're working on a new way to sync, and it'll be syncing everything up based on your personal cloud service - this will ensure that your data is on your ownership at all time this avoiding any issues in the future.


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