Submitting a bug request - Android

by John Griffin
You can submit a bug report or send us features requests following this process:

Checklist for submitting a bug report:

Before submitting feedback:

  1. Ensure that you are running the latest version of Fleksy.
  2. Check our FAQ if there's already a question addressing your problem.
  3. In your Android app, click on More on the top right and then tap Help & Feedback

What to include in your report:

  1. At the beginning of your email, please indicate what Android device you are using (ex. Samsung Galaxy) and what OS version you are running (ex. Kitkat)).
  2. Describe the bug you found and how it is affecting the Fleksy keyboard extension and/or the Fleksy app.
  3. Describe the steps required to reproduce the bug
  4. Offer any other relevant details or insight that might help us fix the bug or find a new solution to the issue


  • Hola, estoy teniendo problemas con la aplicación porque algunas veces me aparece y otras no me deja escribir nada, ya intenté borrar datos de aplicación, reiniciar la app y sí me funciona otros teclados pero no quiero usar otros. Mi equipo es un Xperia xa ultra con sistema operativo oreo.

  • Hi, I have a new phone and Fleksy is working bad on this phone. I have xiaomi mi8 lite, MIUI Global 10.2, android 8.1.0. I have problem with swipe spacing. Fleksy does for example "hk" instead of " " ( space). I mean because this phone have 19:9 screen. On my old phone xiaomi mi4 Fleksy works good.

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