Fleksy and Qwant

by John Griffin

At Fleksy, we value your privacy. For this reason, we chose to offer Qwant as our search engine. You can learn more about Qwant's Privacy policy here: https://about.qwant.com/legal/privacy/

About Qwant

Qwant is the first European search engine with its own indexing technology, which protects the privacy of its users by refusing all tracking devices, including foradvertising. Contrary to the main search engines on the market, Qwant does not install cookies on theuser browser, does not want to know who the user is or what he/she does, and does not keepindividual logs of user queries.

Qwant’s respects neutrality and considers all indexed websites and services with no discrimination, without altering the ranking of results according to its own interests. Founded in 2013 by Eric Leandri, Jean-Manuel Rozan, Alberto Chalon and the Pertimm company, Qwant SAS has offices in Paris, Nice and Rouen. www.qwant.com






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