Do you support swipe typing?

by John Griffin

Smart gestures are one of the most loved features of Fleksy users and we are working on how to make swipe typing compatible with Fleksy's powerful gestures. Hold on tight!


  • Just installed Fleksy but have just seen I cant swipe. Sorry but that's a feature many of us are used to now and makes things so much slower without it.. Won't be sticking with you because of that though it does look like a great keyboard otherwise.

  • Hi Jay,

    Thank you for trying Fleksy. We understand this is a feature requested by a lot of our users. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to dedicate the resources necessary to develop such a feature.

    We have started working on the implementation of gesture typing (swipe) and if everything goes well, it should be available on Fleksy toward the end of 2018!


  • It is well past the end of 2018. Is there an update?

  • Now its june 05 2019 and I personally still wait for swipe typing.

    When??? I do not want to test another keyboard

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