What to do if your data didn’t sync to a new device?

by Fleksy Team

To recover data from your old device, follow these steps:

  1. On your old device
    1. Open the Fleksy app
    2. Log out
    3. Log back in
    4. Tap sync
  2. On your new device
    1. Download Fleksy
    2. Login
    3. Sync
    4. Close Fleksy
    5. Open Fleksy

If the issue persists, please contact support@fleksy.com


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  • I did this, i used to have over 1k points on my old OnePlus 5 device.. And 17 points on my new Huawei Nova 5T.. This just synced the 17 points to the OnePlus and I lost all of my earned points.. I've been using this app for years!!!

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