Sound and vibration (haptic feedback)

by John Griffin

To adjust the sound and vibration you keyboard makes when typing, follow these steps:

  1. Tap open-three-dots.png on the keyboard to launch the quick access bar
  2. Tap control_button_fleksyapp_settings.png to access settings
  3. Select “Sound”


To adjust the typing sounds:

  1. Tap “Volume on Keypress” 
  2. Use the slider to choose volume level or to disable it

Note: Device volume must NOT be on mute to hear typing sound.


To adjust the keypress vibration:

  1. Tap "Vibration strength on keypress
  2. Use the slider to choose vibration strength or to disable it


Note: the slider is very sensitive so beware on moving it slowly to adjust to the perfect vibration strength


To enable or disable voice feedback of what you’re typing:

  1. Tick or untick “Voice-over feedback”


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  • When will haptic feedback be offered in iOS version?? Thanks

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