Sound and vibration (haptic feedback)

by John Griffin

To adjust the sound and vibration you keyboard makes when typing, follow these steps:

  1. From the Fleksy app, select "Settings"
  2. Tap on Sounds
  3. Enable the "Keypress vibration feedback"
  4. Set your Vibration strength on keypress and use the slider to increase/decrease intensity

Note: the slider is very sensitive so beware on moving it slowly to adjust to the perfect vibration strength. Haptic will not work while device is on DND 


To adjust the typing sounds:

  1. Tap “Volume on Keypress” 
  2. Use the slider to choose volume level or to disable it



Another Note: Device volume must NOT be on mute to hear typing sound. There wil be a time where  haptic vibration is not as strong as we could with vibration duration, it’s a system setting that can be lowered or increased. Please look for the Vibration and Haptic strength option on your Android settings and adjust the "Touch Feedback"




To enable or disable voice feedback of what you’re typing:

  1. Tick or untick “Voice-over feedback”


  • When will haptic feedback be offered in iOS version?? Thanks

  • I am not getting the vibration on keypress what should i do???????? Help me to get it

  • No sounds and no vibration on my Xiaomi Mi 10T. :( any suggestions? I love Fleksy sounds :(

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