Swipe to hide spacebar - "Minimal Mode"

by John Griffin

To open the settings, follow these steps:

  1. Tap open-three-dots.png on the keyboard to launch the quick access bar
  2. Tap control_button_fleksyapp_settings.png to access settings
  3. Select "Look”
  4. Enable the "Minimal Mode" option

Checking this box lets you use gestures to swipe down with 2 fingers and enter “Minimal mode”. Swipe up with 2 fingers to exit “Minimal mode”.  




1 comment
  • I have swiped every direction possible and I can't get my spacebar back - and I have NO CLUE how it vanished in the first place. Go to Fleksy settings and mess with those... just made the keyboard even more impossible to use. Now its miniscule! So no enter button, no spacebar (and no spaces no matter what finger gymnastics I perform) and teeny tiny buttons! I am about 5 seconds from deleting this app for good. If your privacy policty wasn't so good, I would be done with this headache. For the love of god, can someone explain how to return my keyboard to working order?!?! Is there a reset default somewhere please? (And no I am not using fleksy to type this because its impossible right now)

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