Voice-to-text (Microphone)

by Fleksy Team

Use the following steps to enable Voice-to-text typing. The exact wording in step 2 might vary in your device. 

  1. Open your phone's settings (not the Fleksy app)
  2. Go in “System” → “Languages & input” → “Virtual keyboard” → “Manage keyboards”
  3. Enable "Google voice typing" to your list of virtual keyboards
  4. Restart your phone

Note: Google does not allow you to use the mic when you’re not connected to the internet


  • Works sporadically. Super annoying. Internet connection still good and I get the mic with line through it and occassionally a message that Internet connection needed. Even when I have a perfect connection.
    Perfect keyboard but this is a deal breaker for me bc I need voice to text when driving.

  • Same issue as Jason

  • How to voice type

  • Doesn't work with my phone. And even if I'm messing up its way too complicated to get then. I use voice to text all the time and I find this lack of features too basic not to have in a good keyboard

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