How to correct words

by John Griffin

As you type, you will notice a list of words that appear along the top bar of the keyboard.

  1. ⬇️ Swipe down to change the autocorrected word and go through this list of “corrected” words
  2. Once the word you want is highlighted you can ➡️ swipe right or tap the spacebar to input that word


If you have gone too far through the list and want to go back, ⬆️ swipe up to go back the other direction.


⬆️ Swipe up to undo a correction, swipe up again to add the word to your dictionary (learn) or remove (forget) the original word from the dictionary.


⬇️ Swipe down to change the word or punctuation suggestion. Swipe right or tap space to enter it.  

Note: Add punctuation by spacing twice


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  • Hello! Is there a way to turn off word suggestion?

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