by Fleksy Team

Gifskey's GIF/Sticker library has the largest Indian content with an emphasis on regional languages.

Highlighted suggestions: Popular searches and trending words will be highlighted in the top left extension bar as you type with Fleksy. Tap on the highlighted words for relevant content.

How to use Gifskey:

  1. Search for Gifskey by tapping ••• in the top left of the extension bar
  2. Tap the fleksy_app_icon_gifskey.png
  3. Choose from 8 Indian languages
  4. Tap suggested words OR use the search bar
  5. Tapping a Gifskey automatically copies it
  6. Paste in text-input field to send

Note: Some text-input fields work differently than others. Your GIF may send upon first tap depending on the app you are using.

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