How do I hide or remove the top bar?

by John Griffin


Since version 10.0.1 of Fleksy, it is not possible to remove the top bar. Fleksy's keyboard top bar is necessary for word suggestions, emoji suggestions, and Fleksyapps access.


  • the description to actually use the extension for the first time says now "swipe up on the top row" while it should say "swipe left".


  • The settings aren't like that in the new update. It gives the user less options to personalize the keybord? There is no advanced settings anymore or I just can't find it? (there is this ugly stripe on my keyboard rn and before I was able to take it off. It's the stripe in the letters asdfghjkl yn. How do I take it off on that new update?)

  • How do I let the homerow invisible now?

  • lt doesnt work. I cant hide stupid top bar

  • Please fix this article for the new update its driving me crazy that top bar sucks

  • Why is it that on some phones you can still remove the top bar/gif Extension and on others you can't? I would like to have as much space as possible while using the keyboard and since the update it's horrible.

  • I've decided after years of using this app to switch keyboards. Forcing the top row is silly. The app has some great other features, some of which have been stripped down or removee. Do the companies/apps via the top bar pay you?

  • Still no solution to have this ugly bar removed with newer versions. The design descision to remove all options to hide this bar is just #fail. U guys create this for users right? So plz give us the option to customize it how we like it.

  • Fuck this bar 💩

  • hello guys .. it is easy just download the version 10,0,0 .. on telegram on this channel

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