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Send Emojis, GIFs and Stickers

  • How to send GIFs and Stickers with Fleksy?

    Learn how to send GIFs with our GIPHY Fleksyapp and learn here how to send stickers with the GIPHY Fleksyap...

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  • Emojis use & access

    Tap and hold the Enter key to access the emojis. Alternatively, you can also tap and hold the Magic Button ...

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  • Why are some emojis missing?

    You will only see emojis that are available in the specific Android version you have. You may see more emoj...

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  • Why do my emojis look different (Android)?

    There are numerous apps that change the emojis that you send from the keyboard to their own emoji set (what...

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Badges & Stats

  • Start earning badges

    Earn badges and get recognition for your typing skills when using Fleksy! Each badge is unique and can be ...

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  • How to see your typing statistics

    See your typing statistics with Fleksy: Open the Fleksy app Select “Badges & Stats” in the menu tab At the...

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Voice Typing

  • Voice-to-text (Microphone)

    Use the following steps to enable Voice-to-text typing. The exact wording in step 2 might vary in your devi...

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  • How to correct words

    As you type, you will notice a list of words that appear along the top bar of the keyboard. ⬇️ Swipe down...

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Accessibility & voice feedback

  • Accessibility & voice feedback

    Fleksy was originally designed for the blind and visually impaired, which makes this keyboard one of the mo...

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