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  • Vimodji

    Express your emotions with "snackable" videos while entertaining yourself and others. Connect your feeling ...

    John Griffin
  • Vlipsy

    The video clip search engine that translates what you're trying to say, into an expressive, shareable video...

    John Griffin
  • Skyscanner

    Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site. A place where people are inspired to plan and book direc...

    John Griffin
  • Gifnote™

    Gifnote™ is a free music app that uses proprietary technology allowing people to pair and share Songbytes —...

    John Griffin
  • Qwant - Web Browser

    Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users' freedoms and ensures that the digital ecosystem ...

    John Griffin
  • Memes

    Fun Memes powered by Qwant! How to use Memes: Search for Memes by tapping 🔍 in the top left of the extensi...

    John Griffin
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