What are Fleksyapps?

  • What are Fleksyapps?

    Fleksyapps are applications that have been integrated into the Fleksy keyboard. They allow you to use that ...

    Fleksy Team

Fleksyapps permissions

  • Fleksyapps permissions

    Certain Fleksyapps, such as Yelp  or Skyscanner , require your location to work properly. This is because t...

    Fleksy Team

Fleksyapps available

  • Huggg

     enables users to send real-life treats in an instant. Surprise colleagues, customers, and friends with...

    Fleksy Team
  • VBoard

    The VBoard Fleksyapp turns every messaging application into a video platform. Allowing users to do the two ...

    Fleksy Team
  • Gifskey

    Gifskey's GIF/Sticker library has the largest Indian content with an emphasis on regional languages. Highli...

    Fleksy Team
  • Vimodji

    Express your emotions with "snackable" videos while entertaining yourself and others. Connect your feeling ...

    Fleksy Team
  • Vlipsy

    The video clip search engine that translates what you're trying to say, into an expressive, shareable video...

    Fleksy Team
  • Skyscanner

    Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site. A place where people are inspired to plan and book direc...

    Fleksy Team
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