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    Yep, they are under Extensions inside our app. Add Highlights extension to have the gifs available at the top of your Fleksy keyboard

  • I added highlights and paid 99 cents for the extension gif slot but there's still nothing

  • Can I get my dollar back?

  • When inside the Fleksy keyboard, can you swipe right and left on the top bar? Doing so will switch between extensions. Can you try?

  • Can you add screenshots in here I took one.. There's just a red search icon in the upper left corner the rest of the bar is empty

  • Nevermind.. I'm retarded.. Hahaha.. The search icon brought up the Gifs.. Sorry for wasting your time.. Thanks for responding.

  • No worries Jimmy! Glad you figured it out. 

  • Only thing is most of the Gifs say.. " exceeds 1 mb" and they don't work.

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