Error while downloading language

Hi! I got a problem with downloading a new language. I got the following error "Network problem occured. Please try again later." and i have tried the troubleshooting guide but didn't work at all. It dosent matter which language i want to download either.



  • I would like if someone could check this out because i love fleksy and i want to use it again after i switched phone. My new phone is a OnePlus 6T.

  • Same problem here, same phone! Have you resolved it?

  • Sadly i haven't. But put a vote up for this post so the developers can see it.

  • Hi Erik, I found a workaround. Try to log out from Fleksy Cloud and try to download again the language. When downloaded, you can log in again for cloud syncing. Really strange but this worked for me... 



  • It worked! Thanks a lot! I hope that the problem will be taken care of later because the OnePlus community grows.

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