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on Sunday evening, my spacebar disappeared. upon reenabling it, the layout of the keyboard changed. punctuation is not easily accessible, enter/ shift/ delete moved, and I hate it. I miss my favorite keyboard I paid for.

I cannot find any documentation on this change, are there any plans to fix this? screenshots have been sent to support



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    Hi Andy, we are very sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with our Keyboard. We are working hard at simplifying it while bettering its functionality. 

    Firstly, you can hide and re-appear the spacebar by swiping up or down with two fingers simultaneously. 

    Secondly, there has not been an update, so the good news is you should be able to get your last keyboard back. Could you send us an e-mail to and include a screenshot of your current keyboard, along with any additional information that will help us revert you back to your last layout? (We did not receive an email from you yet).

    Thank you!

  • John, thank you for the response. I have resent the email with screen shots and included your name in the title.

  • I reinstalled the app today. This seemed to resolve the problem. So far, I'm back to loving it. Looks like I was stuck in legacy mode somehow??? I swear I checked every option possible and didn't see that one. With the reinstall my keyboard changed significantly (red search icon and new auto fill format), I actually really like these changes so far.

    Very strange... Apologies if the error was on my side.

  • Hi Andy,

    We are very glad to hear you are back to enjoying your Fleksy experience! Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    Have a great day!

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