Emoji suggestions to replace words

It would be cool if we got our standard, run of the mill, emoji prediction that most keyboards these days have. 



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    Thanks for reaching out, Roy! We do have predictions for emoji. Do you mean that you want different emojis to be predicted by different trigger words? Or, something else?



  • Hey John, your emoji predictions don't work like how other keyboards do where they completely replace a word/phrase they're predicting. In that essence, I think we should have the options for suggested emojis to replace a specific word. For example, when I type "poop" just allow me to substitute the word for the poop emoji. 

  • Hey Roy,

    I see what you mean! I'll talk with our dev team to see when that feature will be available!

  • Hey John,


    In the past, the word around for this was to allow us to enter our own words/emojis in the "Shortcuts" plug, that way when we typed a word, it would be autocorrected to that emoji, but in updates since, that feature has been broken. 

  • Hi Roy,

    I just tested what you said. The shortcut extension worked fine on this end. What are you finding is broken about it?

  • Hey John,

    Before a few updates ago, even if I mistyped a word and it needed to autocorrect to the emoji, the emoji would pop up just fine. Now, if I mistype the word and it needs to be autocorrected to the correct word, the emoji won't show.

    So for instance, when I type in "poop" but I type in pooop or popp, it'll autocorrect to poop, but won't switch it out for the poop emoji like it once used to. ALSO, when I do precisely type in a word, all I get in the suggesitons are question marks, when before, it didn't do that 

  • I've taken screenshots and video to support my findings. I can post the picture here, but where can I send you the video?


  • Hey John,


    As you can see, I'm getting the question marks when typing an emoji trigger word and most times, it doesn't autocorrect to the emoji when I press the spacebar 

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