• we need Chinese!

  • Yes we need

  • It's been too longgggggg

  • China has more than 1 billion mobile phone users, including 200 million Apple users and 800 million Android users. We are looking forward to providing Chinese Language Package.

  • we need it

  • Yes please, this keyboard is too good but I'll end up changing it for some other bc I need Chinese. Please, add it!

  • I really need Chinese. The keyboard is awesome, but I can't use it right now, so please add Chinese/

  • Chinese / Mandarin.

  • I continuously have to switch between Fleksy and the default board to get my 中文 fix. I love fleksy, but I've had to seriously consider switching to a different keyboard just to make talking to my chinese friends easier 。。。

  • Chinese please!!!

  • Need chinese keyboards !!!!!! This is the best keyboard, i dont want to switch to another one, so please add chinese.

  • we want Chinese,please😂😂😂

  • I really like Fleksy.I have been waiting for four years!we need Chinese!

  • Chinese

  • Chinese please

  • c'mon chinese please...!!!!

  • Chinese...

  • Chinese please!!!

  • First you control by trello, many YEARS to finish. Now change to zendesk, and still TOO LONG...

    Please stop expend your time chossing control tools, and focus on Chinese language development !!!

  • We need Simplified Chinese (pinyin) very much

  • Vote for simplified chinese

  • we need Chinese

  • I've literally waited for two years for Fleksy to add the Chinese input. Still no Chinese input. Wonder why.

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