• we need Chinese!

  • Yes we need

  • It's been too longgggggg

  • China has more than 1 billion mobile phone users, including 200 million Apple users and 800 million Android users. We are looking forward to providing Chinese Language Package.

  • we need it

  • Yes please, this keyboard is too good but I'll end up changing it for some other bc I need Chinese. Please, add it!

  • I really need Chinese. The keyboard is awesome, but I can't use it right now, so please add Chinese/

  • Chinese / Mandarin.

  • I continuously have to switch between Fleksy and the default board to get my 中文 fix. I love fleksy, but I've had to seriously consider switching to a different keyboard just to make talking to my chinese friends easier 。。。

  • Chinese please!!!

  • Need chinese keyboards !!!!!! This is the best keyboard, i dont want to switch to another one, so please add chinese.

  • we want Chinese,please😂😂😂

  • I really like Fleksy.I have been waiting for four years!we need Chinese!

  • Chinese

  • Chinese please

  • c'mon chinese please...!!!!

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