• با سلام

    درود بر شما

    لطفا زبان بسیار شیرین فارسی را هم به کیبورد تان اضافه بفرمایید


  • Please add persian

  • Fleksy  please Add persian (farsi) language.


  • Hi Fleksy

    please add persian language

    Thanks a lot

  • we need Persian {Farsi} language to use Fleksy keyboard.


  •  Please add Persian Farsi language for 80 million Iranian🇮🇷.


  • با سلام

    لطفا زبان فارسی را هم به کیبورد تان اضافه بفرمایید


  • Hi Add Persian Language.

  • best keyboard

    Add Persian Language


  • Please add Persian language 🙏

  • Please add PERSIAN ASAP...

  • Please add persian language for 80 milion Iranian🇮🇷

  • Pls add Persian language too

  • It's the best keyboard on planet
    you did good
    I have been waiting for long time (about 4 years) to add Persian language
    please add Persian language to your best keyboard
    evry month I check your app on play store. that maybe you add persian but unfortunately I didn't see it yet

  • pls add persian


  • please add persian language to this brilliant keyboard

  • even though that fleksy is my favorite keyboard its really tiresome to change my default keyboard to use persian aside from that its only keyboard on googleplay that dosent support persian language . Please add it in your upcoming features.thanks

  • Hello, please, the language of Iran. Thank you

  • Hi! Please add Persian (Farsi) language to your nice keyboard. Thanks very much!

  • From the day u released fleksy I waiting for Persian language to add. And btw we just need Persian keyboard not dictionary for that. Is that really a big deal?

  • Add Persian language pleaaaaseeeee...

  • Hello,Please, add Persian Farsi language

  • Please add persian

  • Please add persian

  • tanks for app.please add persian.bye bye

  • add persain

  • Please add Persian

  • please, add Persian language Iran. Thanks you

  • Add persian language. We already have the most vote and request among others language request to add.

  • Please add persian. Please..

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