German Accents Needed

Although we have no accented letters in the German alphabet, accents are often used and also gladly used. There are so many French words and names that have always been used in German and for which there are simply no German words as a translation, for example Café or the name René. Nobody says "We'll meet at the coffee house" when there's a café at the door. That's why we simply need such accented letters here in Germany too. We used to be able to write them without major problems. And that's just not good, that we have to write with Fleksy then always Renee or Cafee. For other people it's just misspelled and we Fleksy users are too stupid to write properly. And right now, such accents are also very much in vogue for names of newborns. Because of all this, it would be highly recommended to include auto louvers with accents in the German Fleksy keyboard, as it has been mentioned here by another Fleksy keyboard user regarding the letter E. However, there are such accents also with respect to the letters A, O and U. But E with accent is also urgently needed by us German users.




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