Swiping mistypes on android tablet

Fleksy is great on my phone, no swiping or missed key problems. However on my new 10.5 inch galaxy tab a the swiping behavior is inconsistent. Something like every 10-20 words when I swipe right to add a space Fleksy will instead write whatever two letters my fingers happened to cross over while swiping. Adjusting the Swipe Length in the advanced settings doesn't help. This is a deal breaker and I might have to switch to an iPad 


2 hours later: 

I went out and got an iPad and it works perfectly like on my phone 



  • I experience the same bug on my OnePlus 6. So far support hasn't been able to help me, but my patience is getting less every day. I am a long time user and truly love Fleksy, but not when it behaves this way. I don't know how widely spread this bug is and whether it's actually the keyboard or caused by manufacturer OS customizations as support suggested, but I'll be using another keyboard until it's fixed.

    It's just not the fast and effortless typing experience anymore that it used to be. After every word I have to check whether a space actually registered or I have to tap backspace twice and try again. This happens once or more every message I type, that's why I can't ignore it any longer. And switching my device to keep using my favorite keyboard is not an option for me. I'd love to hear whether other OnePlus (6) users also experience this or not. I really want to solve this problem.

  • I experiwbcegk this same issue on my huaweigj honor 7x. I experience this same issue on my huawei honor 7x. That first sentence is the unedited version of what I get with fleksy. Just like the original poster mentioned, it adds 2 letters every now and then where there is supposed to be a space, and it happens too frequently to ignore (a few times in every sentence). This was a key reason for me to switch keyboards because you lose all the other benefits of using the keyboard. Left swipes also input letters.

  • Got the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • Same problem here. Xiaomi mi 9 android pie

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