How can i secure delete all entries in clipboard?

Please can you explain us how can delete permanently all entries saved in Fleksy clipboard? Thank you.



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    We do not have Clipboard available in Fleksy. We do offer as few extension that offer similar functionality. One is called "Editor" which allows you to highlight, copy and past quickly. Another called "Hotkeys" that allows you to set phrases you often type and associate them with a symbol. Lastly, is the "shortcuts" extension that lets you set snippets like "OMW" for "On my way" or email addresses, etc...


    We hope you find one or all of these useful!

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  • ok, thank you for answer so fast :), however i notice when i copy something the text remain stored in default keyboard of my device, so if i want to erase it i can do it only throught the  default keyboard.. it could be very useful an extensione that can do this from fleksy keyboard.. 

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