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  • Auf meiner Fleksy Tastatur sind 2 Mal Anführungszeichen oben " zu finden, einmal bei Taste 123 und dann noch einmal bei Taste =\< 😘 Wir Deutsche brauchen solche Anführungszeichen aber nun mal auch für unten 😘 Wir müssen nämlich ein Zitat mit Doppelpunkt und dann Anführungsstriche unten eröffnen und nach dem Text dann mit Anführungsstrichen oben wieder schließen 😘 Und das E mit dem Akzent Aigu, also éÉ bräuchten wir bitte auch noch 😘

  • I like that you have support for the Japanese keyboard, and also the fact that you have flick input puts you above other keyboards for me, the only problem is that autocorrect decides Kanji ( ゆめinputs->夢 ) there is many different Kanji that make have the same input so... it would be more efficient to have word suggestions. lastly, and the reason to which I am even writing this, is that with that catalog you would be able to use the rest of the Japanese keyboard... with your keyboard I cannot input Katakana, only Hiragana... word suggestions would allow you to input あ(a), and have a suggestion for its counterpart in Katakana, ア(a), they make the same sound, but one is used to show foreign words. if you could add this that would be much appreciated :) I love your keyboard ありがとう:)

  • Add Uzbek cyrillic please

  • Plz I'm one of the FLEKSY lover who every time miss her language BENGALI/BANGLA. Though it's a really really first and smooth keyboard but i have to install one more keyboard (for bengali) if i using it.. So for this strong reason i replace it with another one.. so plz fix this.

  • Azerbaijan language

  • On italian language miss the word " un po' ". Everytime I must put manually the ' (apostrophe). Please add this word, anyway I can't save this word for an automatic change

  • Hello, I'm loving the keyboard. The only thing I really miss is letter "ъ" in Russian layout. In order to type it right now I have to hold on letter "ь" and hold it for a substantial time, which makes typing some words really uncomfortable. It would be really nice to add layout with letter "ъ" as an option. Gboard has this option as "Russian (full)" or something like this. This is really important for comfort and speed. Thank you in advance. 

  • Turkish words to your program. Can you add it to the keyboard. Â – Ê – Î – Ô – Û, â - ê - î - ô - û

  • Urdu

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