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Swiping mistypes

Everything was fine on my previous phone. But my new Google Pixel XL (android 9) isn't that good with Fleksy.
Every 5-10 words when I swipe right to add a space Fleksy will instead write whatever two letters my fingers happened to cross over while swiping. Adjusting the Swipe Length in the advanced settings doesn't help.



  • Hi Danizimo,


    This is a known bug. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible. I\ve gon ahead and created a ticket for this incident. Thank you for reaching out with this feedback! 

    We're very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. 

  • Any ETA on this? I also have this issue on my OnePlus 6t which I didn't had in my previous phone. It's really painful to wright anything and I have the swipe length set to minimum.

  • I have the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android Pie).

  • I just wanted to chime in that I'm also having this problem consistently on my S8 after the update to android pie.

  • Any update on this issue? It's been over 2 months since this issue was created and after several app updates this behavior continues to persist. This makes Fleksy unusable and I'm starting to consider to switch to another keyboard because of how annoying this is!

  • Annoying? That's putting it mildy.

    If Fleksy has a Product Manager (and I expect it does), I appeal to you to stop prioritising NEW functionality over addressing bugs with CORE functionality.

  • I've had this problem for quite some time now.  I'm using a galaxy S8+ with all updates installed.  This was my favorite keyboard before this problem started happening.  I've been using other keyboards for now, but will keep checking back.  I hope it gets fixed soon. 

  • How soon? Because as of right now it's still a thing.

    John, can we get an update please?

  • Also checking in with a OnePlus 7.


    I haven't been able to stop recommending Fleksy to everyone I've met since I started using it, but this has broken the most used core functionality (you do it between every word ffs!) so I guess this is when I get to stop.


    It was a good ride. Until John updates, anyone got a keyboard with a similar philosophy to recommend?


    Google search terms (because this was hard to find): swipe broken oneplus sucks space not working help letters insert free led zeppelin

  • I finally had to bail. It's been months and months with no improvement. I'll keep an eye on this thread, and come back if it ever gets fixed, but for the moment, I can't take it anymore.

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