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Chameleon theme doesn't work

The chameleon theme often doesn't adapt the colour of the keyboard at the app. Like on Facebook remain black



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    This is a known bug 🐛we are working on fixing 🛠. I apologize we do not have a delivery date as to when this will be fixed. 

    Thank you for reaching out, though! We appreciate the updates on your end!. 😁

  • Ich habe mir das Chamäleon Thema erst gekauft und habe es noch nicht so oft benutzt, aber das ist mir nun auch schon öfters mal irgendwie aufgefallen 😘 Vor 1-2 Tagen auch erst wieder, da war ich im Play Store und der ist zumindest bei mir grün, meine Chamäleon Tastatur war aber hellgrau 😘🙄🤩

  • Yes, but if you use app like Facebook, keep or twitter for example, the keyboard remain black. Also on messenger

  • Grey light on play store is normal, because previously was grey the app

  • Habe mal auf Chamäleon Tastatur umgestellt und war dann damit eben mal bei Twitter 😘 Stimmt, Tastatur ist schwarz und nicht blau 😘

  • It's a know bug, i dont know when flelksy fix this

  • +1 on finding this frustrating. I also don't like the delay and fade to the theme. I really just want a light and dark mode that auto-loads to the correct one and stays that way. Right now it seems to load with certain colors, pause half a second, flash to slightly different colors and then fade to yet another color. Super distracting and annoying.

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