[Update] Fleksy 9.8 update now available for Android

This update is our biggest one yet and comes with TWO Incredible Fleksy features we have spent months making! The official launch 🚀 of Fleksyapps & Fleksynext

Welcome 4 NEW Fleksyapps! Vlipsy, Skyscanner, Emogi & Gifnote (available in the USA). Now you can do everything from sharing GIFs with sound to booking flights, from within the keyboard! 

Say hello to Fleksynext our NEW smart assistant that recommends services & content such as stickers or restaurants while you type.

Try typing "Let's grab a coffee" or "Book the flight" and watch as Fleksynext works its magic 🔮

We also Improved the overall loading time of the keyboard.


Learn more about fleksyappshttp://bit.ly/2Dz9DiO



  • This update broke the Predictions extension on Android. I'm all up to date.

  • Hi Pavel,

    Predictions are now included in the Highlights extension so you can remove "Predictions" from your extension bar 😉

  • Will fleksynext ever be available in other languages?

  • Thanks, John, that sort of works, but the predictions are invisible against a same-color background if my Chameleon-themed keyboard turns grey, and I don't like all these emojis in the corner. What will happen to the predictions extension? Hiding them in highlights makes little sense. Will users be able to find what they're looking for?

  • Hi Ricardo, 

    Yes, Fleksynext will eventually be rolled out to every language! 


    Hi Pavel,

    We've updated the Predictions extension so you can continue using predictions there, for now. If you are experiencing a bug with the Highlights extension and the predictions are not appearing, you should submit a ticket to Support@fleksy.com


    Thank you!

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