Fleksy Roadmap - April to June 2019

Here is a brief overview of what we are working on! This is our way of being transparent with you, so you can see where our time and energy is focused. Hopefully, it will give you a better idea as to when you can expect the features you have been patiently waiting for 😏


(Disclaimer: not everything goes as planned and sometimes issues arise, bugs appear, and setbacks sink in. While we will do our best to make these updates happen in Q2 they are subject to change.)


Q2 Objectives:

1) Launch 5 new Fleksyapps 💯

2) Update & improve 5 languages 🗣

3) Revamp Fleksycloud backup ☁

4) Improve the look & feel of Fleksyapps 👀✋

5) Launch a new autocorrection engine in English 🇺🇸

6) Launch swipe typing in English 🙌

7) Launch new themes 🖼

8) Reduce the size of our app 

9) Improve the accuracy of our Fleksynext suggestions 🎯



  • Can't wait to test this 😍

  • This all looks awesome!
    Is the new English autocorrect only for US English, and in any case will it also be implemented in other languages?
    And when will fleksynext also he available in other languages? I've been dying to try it (especially next word prediction) but haven't been able to yet.
    The extension panel sounds interesting too!

  • Hi Ricardo,

    The new English autocorrect will only be for US English for now. We will eventually have it available for all the languages we support. 

    Right now, we can't say when Fleksynext will be available in other languages. 

    The extensions should be a lot more intuitive after their revamp 🙂

  • I'd love to help with this, specifically a new autocorrect engine in English!

  • Is fix 'swipe right to add space bug' on your road map? Of course it isn't! You don't put bugs on road maps...

    Still, it'd be nice to know you haven't forgotten about it as I'm seeing all of these new features with each release and yet the possibly most frusting bug ever in the history of Fleksy remains!

  • I just came back to give Fleksy another go and I have to say I am overall very pleased with the app and its progress since the last time I tested it but within a day I was sorely missing swipe typing so I am ecstatic to see its on this quarters roadmap. I'm going to look into how I can get into the beta as soon as I post this. Keep up the great work.

  • why have you removed the emoji search, it was there before but not you have removed it.

  • hello i would like to reset the arabic keys arangment back to its first time because its more better

  • Any news on swipe typing?


  • Will the revamped cloud also improve custom theme syncing? I've had to switch to a new phone recently and was disappointed to see that my custom keyboards didn't sync.

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