[Update] Fleksy 9.8.1 now available for Android

1.New Fleksyapp:

Gifskey (India 🇮🇳 only) You can now use the most popular Indian GIFs & stickers

2.New features: 

  • Next Word Prediction ⏩ See words predicted to you every time you hit space. Available in English (US) for now.
  • Emoji Prediction See emojis predicted according to the context of your conversation! Try typing "Thanks dude", "The Beatles", "The best of both worlds". Available in English (US🇺🇸) for now. 

3.New languages: 🗣

  • Vietnamese 🇻🇳
  • Basque
  • Galician
  • Arabic (dictionary + layout)

Download available here: http://bit.ly/2RiFSMb



  • Thanks for adding Vietnamese in the lastest update . 

    After used in few minutes I found 3 problems: 

    First , 2 keys are missing ( Í and Đ )

    Second , Nonetheless we still need our special Vietnamese typing layout that called "Telex typing method" ( Kiểu gõ telex) to be added (Switched to plain QWERTY is optional) since we need to type with our tonal marks seperately in order to create new words ( example : EE for Ê) . Typing with plain keys and swiping to find suitable words with those marks are time comsuming because the Vietnamese dictionary has a vast number of different meaning words with 12 tonal marks.

    Here's the fully explained of the "telex method"  :

    Third , changing languages for typing few foreign words is so awkward . Mixed languages suggestion/prediction is still critical for everyday use because we Vietnamese have borrowed many foreign words in daily life. (Vietnamese / English in this case).

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  • Thank you for your feedback! We have already begun researching the Telex typing method 😉It will come in a future update. 

    As for the keys, "Í" is available if you long-press the "i" key. Đ is not available.

    We are also working on multilingual typing but do not have a release date yet. For now, you must swipe the spacebar left or right to cycle through your downloaded languages. 

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  • Oops , I mean the "Ì" when I hit the "i" key for long . 
    Sorry for the mistake .

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  • Fix swipe right to add space bug. Every release in which this bug hasn't been addressed is a kick in the teeth. Add all the new features you want, but until you address the aforementioned bug I couldn't be less interested.

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  • Hi Tuan, you are correct! We will look into getting that added. 


    Hi Leon, what model of phone and OS are you using? 

    Samsung OneUI has incorporated gestures into their OS, preventing your device from recognizing the difference between a Fleksy gesture and a Samsung navigation gesture. You can turn off Samsung gestures to prevent issues from occurring in your Fleksy keyboard. In the meantime, we will continue looking for a way for our gestures to coexist with theirs. 

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  • Please provide an update on this thread - Swiping mistypes (https://fleksy.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360040861212-Swiping-mistypes) - by Friday EOP at the very latest.

    PS. Above claim is BS. Problem still present whether or not Samsung gestures are enabled.

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