Fleksy Number pad layout and other queries

Hi Fleksy,
1, I've seen a number pad layout when using Fleksy on number input fields, is there a way access it though choice? (like holding down "123" or something?)
I input lots of numbers and IP addresses in text fields and prefer to use the number pad layout so having this available is essential.
2, Also on the Number pad layout, I've noticed that the fullstop is on the left side instead of the right, again this makes IP addresses harder to type, all the other keyboards have the fullstop on the right in the number pad layout. Could you change this?
3, Should emojis be available to swap with the word typed on Fleksy? I've seen a Forum Idea that has been marked as complete regarding this. It says that it used to do this but has now stopped (dated 2019 I think). Is this supposed to work?
4, Emoji search? There are so many emoji's now and not everyone has the time to manually search through them. Could we get an emoji search as that means I would use more emoji's.





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