Beta changes that irk me

Hi, tried sending review via beta page in playstore but for some reason an error message keeps popping up so I had to send a feedback on the stable build page. Was then advised to send feedback within the app so here I am. Been a Fleksy user for few years, paid for the premium version when that was an option previously, swore to never change keyboards and recruited friends who would listen to use this game changing app. Recently tried the new beta for a week or so but got frustrated. Here are the reasons: 1. Location of special characters accessible on long press have been changed which really ruins my muscle memory. Why change the locations when it was beautiful previously? 2. Can't find option to disable accented characters. I never use it so I want to keep it simple. 3. For some reason, words in my dictionary keep getting replaced with words in the language pack. Please prioritize words from user dictionary. 4. I want the "periods after multiple spacebar taps" to be brought back........... 5. Overall feel of typing on the beta keyboard isn't as smooth as the stable version. Can't explain it. Je ne sais quoi. Otherwise, I really love this app and it is the first thing I install on a new device. Once you've mastered the initial learning curve of swiping to save own words and swiping to erase words (easily both my fav features), there's no other keyboard out there that comes close.


  • I agree it's terrible to use now. I still want to disable spacebar. Why did you change something that was working and it was simple

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  • Beta is unusable for me. It's looking great but can't type. Space only works sometimes and autocorrect is really bad.

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